Modernize Your Apps and Data on Azure

Break down the cloud journey with four stages of the process—starting with a pre-migration assessment and then looking at migration, post-migration, and optimization. Microsoft Azure has you covered with tools created specifically for you. Would you like to modernize your apps and data on Azure? At CloudIQ Technologies, we have knowledgeable and professional team ready […]


Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption with Confidence

It’s time to create and implement business and technology strategies powered by the cloud. Here is your complete game plan. Check the “Cloud Adoption Framework” infographic to plan your strategy to modernize and innovate.  Would you like to migrate to the cloud? At CloudIQ Technologies, we have knowledgeable and professional team ready to help you […]


Top 5 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud Now

Migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud has a ton of benefits. Whether you’re looking to improve security and become GDPR compliant, cut your total cost of ownership, or promote teamwork and innovation by integrating AI capabilities, the cloud provides a solution to your IT problems. Would you like to upgrade your IT infrastructure to […]


Back Up On-premise Files and Folders using Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) Agent

Backing up on-premises resources to the cloud leverages the power and scale of the cloud to deliver high-availability with no maintenance or monitoring overhead. With Azure Backup service the benefits keep adding up, right from data security to centralized monitoring and management. Azure Backup service uses the MARS agent to back up files, folders, and […]


Develop AI with Azure Machine Learning

Many businesses are struggling to find the talent and capacity to create and manage their machine learning models to actually unlock the insights within their data. Here is an infographic that shows how Microsoft Azure Machine Learning streamlines this process to make modeling accessible to all businesses.  What’s holding your business back from using AI […]


Azure Messaging & Event Driven Architecture – A Quickstart Guide

The distributed nature of cloud applications requires a messaging infrastructure that connects the components and services, ideally in a loosely coupled manner in order to maximize scalability. In this article let’s explore the asynchronous messaging options in Azure. At an architectural level, a message is a datagram created by an entity (producer), to distribute information […]


How to Monitor Azure Databricks in an Azure Log Analytics Workspace

Azure Databricks lets you spin up clusters and build quickly in a fully managed Apache Spark environment with the global scale and availability of Azure. And of course, for any production-level solution, monitoring is a critical aspect. Azure Databricks comes with robust monitoring capabilities for custom application metrics, streaming query events, and application log messages. […]