Understanding Kubernetes Concepts – A QuickStart Guide

On July 21, 2015, when Kubernetes v1.0 was released, it redefined the container technology landscape. All the bottlenecks of application deployment, scaling, and management in containers was made simpler and faster with intelligent automation. Container technology made software development more agile and brought in resource efficiency – they made scaling smoother and faster. However, they […]


Cypress in Azure DevOps Pipeline for Fast, Easy and Reliable Test Automation

Automation Testing helps complete the entire software testing life cycle (STLC) in less time and improve efficiency of the testing process. Test Automation enables teams to verify functionality, test for regression and run simultaneous tests efficiently. In this article we will take a detailed look at the Automation Testing Tools available, standards and best practices […]


Getting Started with Cloud Foundry

Introduction: Cloud Foundry has a Container-based architecture, open source cloud application platform. It provides the cloud instances and mainly used to deploy the Application directly into cloud environment. Instead of running the app separately, using the CF CLI(Command Line Interface) tool to deploy , test, configure and manage the apps on CF. Features of Cloud […]

cross browser

Cross Browser Testing Automation with Selenium for the Perfect Web Experience

What is Cross Browser Testing? Cross Browser Testing is a type of Functional Test to check whether web application works as expected on different browsers. (Or) Cross-browser testing is basically running the same set of test cases multiple times on different browsers. Below two are the most intent of cross-browser testing, Below two are the […]


Develop Faster with Continuous Integration & the Tools to Get the Job Done

Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice where developers integrate code into a shared repository frequently, preferably several times a day. Each integration can then be verified by an automated build and automated tests. While automated testing is not strictly part of CI it is typically implied. One of the key benefits of integrating regularly […]