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Modernize your old ASP.NET web components 
Easy, secure & effective with Image2Docker


If you are Windows Apps and Server user, now go big with your app modernization program. Made possible by the new containerizing application capabilities offered by Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, Image2Docker, the latest prototyping tool, can help you easily, securely and effectively scan your Windows Applications in Virtual Machines and successfully port them to Docker images.

Available in the PowerShell Gallery for easy installation and usage, this tool supports VHD, VHDK and WIM Images.

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It takes an expert to understand and apply newer technologies like 
Image2Docker to realize all the benefits that comes along with it.


Access to Docker Experts with diverse technological capabilities.​


Lift and Shift traditional Microsoft applications with our extended Image2Docker framework.


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Make cloud portability and migration a seamless affair with our proven solution.

Featured Resources

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Image2Docker Introduction
You can use Image2Docker to extract ASP.NET websites from a VM – or from the local machine or a remote machine. Then so you can run your existing apps in Docker containers on Windows, with no application changes.

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Image2Docker for ASP.net Websites – Part 1
An in-depth look at the exact steps involved in setting up and running Image2Docker on local machine. Follow along with the Illustrative screenshots and understand the process.

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Image2Docker for ASP.net Websites – Part 2
A step by step look at creating containers from Image2Docker Docker file and view the ASP.NET web application running in IIS, in windows server core, in a docker container.

Start modernizing your Traditional ASP.NET Applications to Container based Infrastructure

Enjoy the rewards of newer technologies such as Image2Docker with the help of our Docker Expertise and Experience. We help companies move rapidly through the Modernization process using the latest tools and techniques of Dockers and obtain measurable value.