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Docker and Containers

Containerize your IT operations effectively while making the most out of Cloud and Virtualization


Docker and Containers
The increasing pressure on CTO’s and Technology software companies to enable software and the related IT infrastructure to perform smoothly and swiftly in a very competitive business environment where complexity and disparateness rule is easier said than done.

It comes as no big surprise when progressive companies and CTOs rely on innovation and newer technologies to ease the pressure.  Cloud and Virtualization has been adopted for this particular reason so as to speed, scale, accommodate and reduce resources burdens.

Asserting further, today, Container Technology, Docker in particular, is revolutionizing the way IT operations are carried out in the cloud computing and virtualization landscape. A recent survey by Forrester indicated that “31% of developers said they’ve used Docker or containers in the past year” and it seems that the technology is here to stay (for the record it was always there) and changing the way IT operations are carried out globally.

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Why use Docker and Container Technology?
Containerization, a lightweight, portable, virtualized software-defined environment enables your developers to build, transfer and run distributed applications effectively. It helps you achieve portability so that your application can be packed and moved easily, increase application interoperability, facilitate modularity and achieve simplicity when provisioning virtual infrastructure.

With reduced boot times, improved resource utilization and lack of infrastructure dependencies facilitating swift deployment and interactive development and test cycles, you can noticeably change the way your IT operations are carried out.

How we help you
While adopting the newer technology, you could end up weighing the pros and cons of both Virtualization and Containerization and wonder what might be the difference and which path to take to address your business need. This is where you need an expert like CloudIQ to provide you the right answers that are best suited for your unique business needs.

At CloudIQ, we have been enabling many of our customers adopt cloud and its related technology to accelerate their business growth. Our specialists in Containerization and DevOps’ will help you understand, assess and adopt strategies and solutions built with Docker, the most popular tool for Containerization so that you can:

  • Achieve Optimized Environment Utilization( development, test and production )

  • Better utilization of your current investment in infrastructure

  • Build a more seamless DevOps CI/CD pipeline

  • Attain inherent support for next generation microservices architecture