Setting up Local Core OS cluster using Vagrant

Setting up Local Core OS cluster using Vagrant

  1. First step in getting up and running is to install VirtualBox. You can get appropriate version from the
  2. Need to install vagrant. The same procedure is applies; grab the installer from

We can start the cluster setup, so we need the vagrant file for cluster setup using that only we can set it out.

Or Else clone the below git repository for getting sample vagrant file

Now that every thing is downloaded, we can look at how to configure vagrant for your CoreOS development environment

  1. Make copies and rename the configuration files: copy-user-data to user-data, and copy and rename config.rb.sample to config.rb
  2. Open confi.rb so that you can change the a few parameters to get vagrant up and running properly.
  3. You may also want to tweak some other settings in config.rb. CPU, Memory settings can be modified as per your need.
  4. And then open the git shell to interact with vagrant

    Go to your current working directory in your shell and issue this command

    You will see the things happening, which will look like this ,

    Once the operation is completed you can verify that everything is up and running properly by logging in to one of the machines and using fleetctl to check the cluster

    If you see list of machines you created then you are finished, you now have a local cluster of CoreOS machines.